Abuse in Adulthood

Courtship Violence

  • Lloyd, S.A., The Darkside of Courtship: Violence and Sexual Expoitation. Family Relations, Vol. 40, Issue 1 (1991)[Full text available on EBSCO Host: Accession Number: 9103183929]

Rape and Sexual Assault

RAPE is forced sexual intercourse, including both psychological coercion and physical force. Forced sexual intercourse means vaginal, anal or oral penetration by the offender(s). This category includes incidents where the penetration is from a foreign object. This definition includes attempted rapes, male and female victims, and heterosexual and homosexual rape.

SEXUAL ASSAULT includes a wide range of victimizations, distinct from rape or attempted rape. These crimes include completed or attempted attacks generally involving unwanted sexual contact between the victim and offender. Sexual assaults may or may not involve force and include such things as grabbing or fondling. Sexual assault also includes verbal threats.

Marital Rape

  • Contest and Consent: A Legal History of Marital Rape. Hasday, Jill Elaine. California Law Review; Oct2000, Vol. 88 Issue 5, p1373, 134p [Full text available on EBSCO Host: Accession Number: 3809692]
  • Marital rape resource links at RAINN

Domestic Violence


Sexual harrassment

Workplace harrassment

Exploitation of Immigrants

War or Conflict Related Trauma

  • Veteran Mental Health Issues
  • Forced Migration
  • Rape as a tool of war
  • Torture

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