Speed becomes a significant issue in the context of recovery from abuse. We all want to recover quickly. One of the few universal truths about recovery from abuse is that it takes longer than we prefer. It is also true that recovery usually takes a lot longer than other people would prefer. That is why people recovering from abuse will often hear people ask “are you still working on that?”. That is why there are so many quick-fix strategies available (just pray about, just pray harder about it, just pray earlier in the morning, just pray at higher elevations, just pray using our simple, quick and easy techniques etc.). But quick rarely works in recovery.

After surgery to remove a cancerous tumor we do not ask the doctor “how long did it take?”. Rather we ask the important question: “Did you get it all?”. It is thoroughness, not speed, that is the important thing. A similar dynamic is at work in recovery from abuse. If you focus on speed you may find yourself settling for a healing that is only at the surface of things.

For some of my thoughts on this subject watch this video:

Power and Speed

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