Meditations for Christians Who Try to Be Perfect

Meditation for Wednesday October 01, 2014

by Joan Webb

No Strings Attached

John 4:4-30; 39-42: "...The woman...said...`Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Christ?" (vv.28-29).

The woman's life played like a modern day soap opera; she had one of the worst reputations in the area. Married five times and currently living with another man, she lived with the stigma of inferiority and brokenness. These facts did not faze Jesus. He met her -- not in a church, but where she lived. Jesus offered her a gift unlike those offered by the many men in her past. With no strings attached, Jesus offered a way to fill up the insatiable love longing of her heart. Jesus did not point his finger and say, "I'll pray that you give up your shameful ways" or "Just follow these rules and everything will be better." Jesus did not even pressure her with, "You must decide now; pray this prayer." He showed her who she was, who he was, offered the gift of eternal life and left the response to her.

Jesus treats us as he did the woman at the well; he does not manipulate our decisions. He offers truth, love and room to make our choices.

Lord, thank you
for your patience
with my spiritual process.

Copyright Joan C. Webb

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