Meditations for Christians Who Try to Be Perfect

Meditation for Wednesday October 22, 2014

by Joan Webb

No Turning Back

Galatians 4:9: "But now that you know is it that you are turning back to those...miserable principles? Do you wish to be enslaved by them all over again?"

"Our speaker isn't here yet," I whispered to my colleague. It was 6:55. The meeting started at 7:00. I walked outside while my partner started the program. I scanned the parking lot. There was no sign of our speaker. At 7:07 the speaker rushed toward me in a state of "controlled frenzy." "I need to make copies of my transparencies," he panted. "Where can I do that?" While he frantically worked to complete his preparations, I waited at the back of the auditorium.

Then it dawned on me. "Joan, this is how you once lived. From one rush to another; one crisis to another. Jumping from fire to fire as you doused each one just in time to avoid burning your feet. You do NOT want to live like that again!"

At times we may be tempted to return to our old patterns. And then something happens to remind us that those were wretched days. We are not less spiritual because we cease rushing and doing and fixing and worrying and running and working. This crazy lifestyle proves nothing. We know God and we do not have to live like this.

Lord, I've tasted freedom.
Never do I want to go back
to the bondage of those miserable ways again.

Copyright Joan C. Webb

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