Meditations for Christians Who Try to Be Perfect

Meditation for Friday November 21, 2014

by Joan Webb

Attempting the Impossible

Psalm 119:96: "To all perfection I see a limit".

For months I meticulously planned for a state wide writing seminar. I wrote confirmation letters, signed contracts, made phones calls and took notes. Schedules and menus were verified, deposits made, and attendance counts submitted. I arrived at the hall on the designated morning to discover the speaker and board members standing on the sidewalk in the cold. All doors were locked. A security guard drove by, felt sorry for us and opened the door. Once inside, we noticed there was no podium, microphone or breakfast setup. A half hour later we learned that the mix-up was due to someone's faulty alarm clock.

We had no control over these circumstances, but we had a choice. We could try to force through our perfectly planned agenda and experience increased stress -- or we could smile, be flexible and bypass the frustration.

We chose to laugh and start the seminar late. The situation confirmed again that trying to be a perfect person in an imperfect world is impossible.

Lord, there are obvious limits
to all our perfect planning.
Help me learn to be more flexible
and to adjust to changing circumstances.

Copyright Joan C. Webb

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