Meditations for Christians Who Try to Be Perfect

Meditation for Thursday October 30, 2014

by Joan Webb

Accepting Reality

1 Corinthians 13:9-12: "For our knowledge is fragmentary... when the complete and perfect comes, the incomplete and imperfect will vanish away" (vv.9-10 Amplified).

As a child I did not always get what I wanted, so I dreamed of being a teenager. "I'll be free to do and go where I want, when I can drive," I thought. But my secret bubbles burst. "It's not quite how I figured it'd be," I said. "Just wait till I'm on my own with a family, job, money and perfect freedom." Then after marrying my ideal mate, pursuing a career and parenting children, I asked, "Why isn't everything better? What happened to my dream, my God-given calling? Where did I go wrong?"

In his book, Inside Out, Larry Crabb wrote, "The simple fact we must face is this: Something is wrong with everything. No matter how closely we walk with the Lord, we cannot escape the impact of a disappointing... world."

Imperfect lives, marriages, children, friends, churches, relationships, houses, jobs, careers, ideas and solutions. Accepting reality releases us from the tyranny of perfectionism. We are then free to relax, trusting in God's perfect eternal plan.

Lord, my life, marriage, children and dreams
will never be perfect.
As paradoxical as this seems,
I know admitting this is the way
to a more peaceful and fulfilling life. Thanks.

Copyright Joan C. Webb

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