Meditations for Christians Who Try to Be Perfect

Meditation for Monday April 27, 2015

by Joan Webb

One Day At A Time

Matthew 6:34: "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow."

According to the National Headache Foundation more than 45 million Americans suffer from various types of recurring headaches. The majority of these headaches are tension related. The NHF suggests that "learning to live one day at a time" may relieve anxiety that contributes to the pain and inconvenience of muscle-contraction headaches.

Long before this admonition appeared on NHF's "52 Ways to Reduce Stress" list, Jesus said, "Don't worry about tomorrow. Today has enough dilemmas. Learn to face life one day at a time."

This advice is difficult for some of us to follow. After spending our today making big plans for our tomorrow, we then worry that something might go wrong. We may pray for direction, and then worry we made a wrong decision. We instruct and then worry that others won't heed our advice.

But with God's help we can learn to cease concentrating on tomorrow's "what-ifs." Then our muscles can relax, and we will experience less worry related pain and tension. The elimination of all stress is impossible in this imperfect world. But it is encouraging to learn that living one day at a time can alleviate unnecessary anxiety.

Lord, please help me
to incorporate this tension-releasing philosophy
into my belief system.

Copyright Joan C. Webb

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