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We are glad you found your way here. We know how difficult it can be when you have a child who is addicted. It is painful and exhausting. We hope that the resources you find here will help you in your search for a saner life, a life with more serenity. If this is your first visit, we encourage you to start by watching the short ‘experience, strength and hope’ videos below. The Resource Center for Parents is a joint venture of the NACR and the Fuller Institute for Recovery Ministry

Experience Strength and Hope

Learning about addiction and the family


This video is also available in three segments of roughly 20 min each for use in support groups for parents. You can download the segments using the following links. Look for the “Download” button just below the video and select the file type you want to download:
Session 1: What it’s like to be addicted [30 min]
Session 2: What it’s like to love an addict [21 min]
Session 3: How the 12 Steps work [22 min]


Finding a Support Group

There are also a variety of explicitly Christian support groups that welcome loved ones of addicts. Two of the largest of these networks are:

There are also many support groups for parents which have a local or regional scope or which are associated with substance abuse treatment centers. You might want to consider contacting treatment centers in your area. These can be located by going to the National Drug and Treatment Referral Routing Service or by calling 1-800-662-HELP. Some examples:

There are also plenty of on-line support groups for parents. For example:

Treatment for Parents (and other family members)

Some substance abuse treatment centers offer intensive out-patient treatment programs for parents and family members. These programs can be helpful even if your loved one is not yet ready to accept treatment. One of the best known of these programs is:

Finding a treatment program for your child

Here’s downloadable e-book about treatment options for adolescents that is available for free:

A national database of treatment programs is available here. Clink on your state. On the next page, enter location and click on “Select Services” (not “Search”). On the next page, scroll down to find “Special Programs/Groups Offered” and mark “Adolescents” as “required” — check other characteristics if desired and then click on “Search”.

Finding educational options for your child

You might want to consider looking for a high school/college/university that has invested in a Collegiate Recovery Community. Here are some places to start your search:

For College/University options see:

For high school options see:

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