It’s obvious
        if someone stops to look
                I’m a mess
                        it’s plain to see

That was not always the case
        but other things got in the way
                I didn’t notice the decline
                        until it was almost too late

Maybe it is…

But today is a new day
        perhaps it’s not too late
                to start over
                        and use what I’ve learned

The problem is
        I can’t do this on my own
                there is too much to do
                        who can I ask for help?

Maybe it’s you…

Do you take on projects like this?
        Where things are in such a place of disrepair
                When others pass by and just shake their heads
                        Do you still see something worth saving?

I’d rather not get my hopes up
        if you’d rather move on to someone else
                I’d understand why that might be easier
                        but, maybe you see something of value

Maybe it’s me…