It’s cold outside
        and inside too

I want to care
        but the truth is I don’t

I say I do
        and I know I should

But, I’m tired
        and weary of well-doing

How many times
        must I watch the destruction

How many people
        must I let disappoint me

How many occasions
        must be less than expected

Before it’s OK
        to say, “I have done enough.”

It’s cold outside
        and inside too

Breathe of God – warm my soul
        alter my selfishness
                replenish my weariness
                        forgive my callousness
                                change my thoughtlessness
                                        transform my hopelessness

Bring me to life again!


  1. bruce hardie says

    once again i perhaps rashly reach out to whoever because this statement speaks to me. personally i’m just going through he motions. connected to the Father sporadically……..wanting so desperately to find a groove. thank you to whoever wrote this……i’m not alone……..bruce

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