Dying to Self


Diana Butler Bass is an author and speaker. Learn more about her at dianabutlerbass.com


Aaron Edwards is the pastor of Sondays in Tomball, TX.

When we come to the end
of our efforts to manage our lives
When we come to the place
where we expect to find
the most shame, the most death,
the worst that can happen.
There the love of God finds us.
Just where we need God the most, there God is.
In that love we receive
everything we need to be somebody.
Somebody sober.
Somebody sane.
Somebody right-sized.
Somebody who can give back.
It’s difficult to summarize such a mystery but
“Let go and let God”
comes close.

Our thanks to our friends at The Work of the People for the videos.


  1. Robin Cozette says

    Thank you so much, Aaron, for sharing this experience.
    I listened to it a few weeks ago when I wanted to die rather than go on living (not suicidal just describing the feeling).
    On Sunday, in the parking lot at Whole Foods, I had the experience you are describing in a different way (not the neurological condition).

    I hear you on hoping some day I can choose to let go.
    But, I got to the place of no choice and “at the end of myself was the beginning of God.”

    God is speaking through you.
    You are blessed to be a blessing.


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