Seeing Others Through Eyes of Love

Then he {Jesus} turned toward the woman and said to Simon, “Do you see this woman?”
Luke 7:44

The transformative power of prayer has the potential to change everything. As we place ourselves before God, God begins to give us new hearts. And God begins to give us new eyes. Our hearts become tender and vulnerable, like God’s own heart of love. And our eyes begin to see others, no longer through the lenses of fear, competition or judgement, but through God’s eyes of love.

This text is taken from a story in Luke’s Gospel in which Jesus goes to dinner at Simon’s home. Simon was a religious leader, a Pharisee. During the meal, a woman who “had lived a sinful life” came in and stood at Jesus’ feet. She had heard that Jesus was at Simon’s home and came specifically to see Jesus.

It seems likely that this woman had already had an encounter with Jesus during which she had experienced being seen and loved in a way she had never experienced before. This encounter with Jesus must have changed everything for her. She was probably accustomed to being viewed as an object to be used or judged. But, having encountered Jesus, she had been seen through eyes of love. Jesus had shown her who she really was. Not an object to be scorned. But a much loved child of God. Now she came in search of Jesus to express her profound gratitude.

This woman’s tender gratitude was expressed in tears wept at Jesus’ feet, in the kissing of his feet and with perfume poured out on his feet. She had been seen and loved, and as a result, her heart was broken open and overflowing with love for Jesus. But Simon could not see this woman. He could not see her as the beloved child of God that she was. Instead, Simon saw her as a “sinner.” An object of judgement. Someone who was “less-than”.

Jesus addresses Simon’s blindness directly. “Simon,” Jesus says, “do you see this woman?” Do you see her love? Do you see her heart? I see her. I see her love. I see her through God’s eyes of love. She is God’s beloved daughter.

When we realize that God sees us through eyes of love we are profoundly healed. When we begin to see others through God’s eyes of love, we bring healing and blessing to them. To be seen and loved, and to absorb the reality of that love, is to know ourselves for who we really are. And to know this is to be freed from self condemnation. To know this is to be made whole.

Imagine what it might be like to know that God sees us through eyes of love. Imagine what it might be to see others in this way. All others. People who are known to be “sinners”. People who are self-righteous religious leaders. People who are well educated, people who are not. People who live in poverty. People who are wealthy. People of all nationalities and creeds. All loved by God. Each a treasure to God’s heart.

I didn’t see her.
I was blind.
I saw her only as a problem to be solved.
I didn’t see the treasure.
I didn’t see the love.
Your question was what I needed:
“Do you see this person?”
The answer was obvious.
She is precious, valued.
And loving.
Grant me eyes to see the way you see.
Help me to see others through your eyes of love.

Prayer suggestion:

Ask God to bring someone to mind whom you need to see through God’s eyes of love.
Ask God to help you see them with God’s eyes of love.
Let your prayer be this new vision.
Ask God to expand your capacity to see all others in this way.


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