From the Exec. Director – Dec 2013

Generosity is such a beautiful gift from God. As a result of the gift of giving – specifically to the NACR – we have some opportunities coming to fruition that I cannot wait for you to discover. Sometimes my husband and I send ten or twenty, fifty or a hundred bucks to an organization like the NACR. I cannot speak for Pete, but I always wish I could give more. Or, sometimes I think, “Why bother?” My giving always seems so small in comparison to the need.

It’s at this point in this newsletter where I could put on my preacher’s hat and talk about the value Jesus placed on the widow’s two small coins, but you know the story, right? I’ll save you the sermonette. But what I cannot help but share is how our collective nickels, dimes and quarters are being used to fulfill the mission of this organization. Here’s what YOU, the giver, have helped accomplish at the NACR this year.

A second annual recovery and spirituality retreat in partnership with Laity Lodge. For most folks, this will require an airline ticket and registration fees, using precious vacation days and making arrangements for others to take on their weekend ministry and family responsibilities to get away and experience refreshment. Thank you for providing funds to help scholarship our leaders who have the will, but not the financial way to get here without you. (See newsletter for details and don’t forget to register!)

Four new publications going to press even as I type:

  • Curriculum to accompany the nine awesome recovery and spirituality videos captured and produced by Travis Reed from Work of the People at last year’s recovery and spirituality retreat at Laity Lodge. (Additionally, nine booklets of art, poetry, music and essays on each of the nine videos is in the works.)
  • A new Christ-centered 12 step workbook, ideal for churches interested in providing materials and build support groups that are distinctly Christian and honoring of the 12 step process.
  • TWO new works from Kim Engelmann, in collaboration with me. Kim has created a wonderful workbook that we believe enhances small group experiences for those interested in reading her latest book, “No More Running in Circles.” For those who enjoyed her book “Running In Circles”, I hope you’ll appreciate this new expanded version of her story and our collective perspective on the model of the 12 steps. In this new book, “No More Running in Circles,” we talk through our experiences with transformation that have helped us recover our lives. Her frank, honest recounting of her own past trauma makes this a must read for people interested in building a beautiful life out of the ashes of despair.

Look for our releases of all these materials in early 2014. You will find them here at Or, come to the retreat at Laity Lodge – we’ll have them available there too!

Thank you for helping us help others, through your donations, your participation and your commitment to serving your local community.



  1. evelyn says

    Thank you for existing!
    what an amazing gift you all are!
    may I please receive your free daily meditations?
    I’m interested in receiving marriage and family counseling and therapy, could you help with prayer and point me in a direction?

    thank you!!!
    sincerely, evy

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