It Is Good

“It is good that I am leaving you.” You said these words to your dear friends soon to know heart muscles ripped raw, lungs refusing to fill, all sight taken from them in grief’s moonless night. I have not known you like they did. I never stood in the shade at the edge of an […]

With You

You are here, now, asking me to remain with you. But my mind travels far, revisiting, inventing, regretting, resenting, worrying, controlling, without you. Help me return to this moment where you live with me. Teach me to anchor myself to you. May I awaken to morning’s new light and to you. May I cherish the […]

Still You Stay

You stay with me even when I do not stay, even when I turn away, walk away from myself. You stay with me, though left for dead, abandoned. You stay, weeping beside my self imposed tomb, call out my name, awaken me from death to life with you. You stay with me even when I […]

You Stay

“You stayed with me. You stayed with me.” I turn this truth over quietly, letting it calm me, like a cool, smooth worry stone in my hand. You stayed with me when the person I needed most turned away, walked away, left. You stayed. Every time. You stayed. This reality, a gift you spoke into […]

Heaven at My Door

I hear you tapping gently, but oh, so persistently. Your morse code of desire moves in waves from the door to the inner chambers of my being. It seems you are always there, vulnerably offering your self, your love, your goodness. Heaven is standing at my door, seeking entrance and I hesitate. Love is offering […]