Open Spaces

The land stretches far, moving beyond horizons on every side, lying flat, receptive, beneath the great sky. Broken open by farmers’ plow prepared to drink in rain and sun and yield the staff of life. We call these vast open spaces, these majestic plains, the Heartland. And I think, as I fly above them in […]

Perfectly Loved

“I know things aren’t perfect,” she said as an aside, judging the imperfections she observed by harsh standards she holds herself and others to. The wonder, that I noticed with quiet celebration, Lord, was my ability to embrace this truth with gratitude. Not perfect. Yes. But no shame. Only quiet joy. Messy. Healing still. Not […]

The Ache of Missing

I feel the downward pull, the pout brewing, the demands building, wanting to hang onto what was never mine. I watch as this happens. How I let go and let go only to want to grasp again in selfish greed that would wound us all. Grant me strength to stay with the ache of missing. […]

First Thanks

For early morning light coming in sideways, waking day lilies, for neon-blue-breasted hummingbird, feeding on golden hibiscus, for towering maple, laden with summer’s deep green foliage, thank you. For breezes playing wind chimes and cooling skin, for violin concerto in the flight of the fly, for quiet delighting with you at the start of this […]


Skin and muscle have come loose from their moorings starting their descent back to earth’s dark womb. While spirit raises joyful child arms heaven ward stretching with awe and wonder toward your loving light. —— Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who sustains you. I have made […]