Brilliant Dying

Lord, they say the leaves are dying. But how can this be what dying looks like? Glorious brilliance pixelating the deep green forests with shimmering sunshine? Is it dying that causes them to sing out such beauty? Or is it a life time, however brief, of bathing in light? Can our dying be this blessed? […]


“You gave it me!?” “You gave it me!? Tanks!” Two years old, opening gifts from under the Christmas tree. Throwing his arms around us, his whole weight into us. Responding to each gift in gratitude’s full joy. Receiving. Free of worry or shame or hesitation. Receiving fully, the gift, the giver, the love. Giving back […]

Altar of Praise

Here, by the cold river’s edge, I am gathering rocks of substance, before the great crossing, to build an altar of praise to you. These rocks will cry out songs of thanksgiving in gratitude for your tender mercies, and faithful, powerful love. Rocks of remembrance, piled up, a tumbling tower meant to mark the wonder […]

Blessed Beauty

You rained colored confetti from great maples and oaks sending the playful display forth with one slight whisper to float, spin, fall, lazying down to bless us. You showed us ancient vines which long ago reached up to grow day after day, into an embrace, entwining their majestic host, parasites drawing life, while holding fast. […]

It Is Good

“It is good that I am leaving you.” You said these words to your dear friends soon to know heart muscles ripped raw, lungs refusing to fill, all sight taken from them in grief’s moonless night. I have not known you like they did. I never stood in the shade at the edge of an […]