From the Exec. Director – Sept. 13, 2014


I don’t know if all churches are like this – but in my community, September and October are busy! But is all this activity…transformative? Helpful? Gosh, I hope so! One “new thing” that we started in our church was a study on forgiveness and reconciliation (two different, but hopefully related subjects). This series stirred us […]

From the Director’s Desk – July 2014


The expansion of recovery ministries in the Christian community in the last couple of decades has been dramatic. Thousands of churches now have or are developing ministries to families who struggle with addictions, abuse and/or trauma. Unfortunately, there has not been a correspondingly rapid development of training and leadership development programs to serve the leadership […]

From the Executive Director – April 2014

We had a wonderful packed house at our annual Recovery and Spirituality Retreat at Laity Lodge. Ashley Cleveland, Dr. David Augsburger and artists Robert and Claudia Fuerge led us beautifully in song, instruction and artistic expression. The challenges that the material presented and the intense discussion during our break times will continue to offer me […]

From the Exec Director: March 2014

I love my work. When Phillip Seymour Hoffmann overdosed, I had a bad day. That startled me; after all, I don’t know the guy or his family. I have long appreciated his gifts and talents as an actor, but I didn’t KNOW P. S. Hoffmann. I did, however, know Kevin. He died the Thursday before […]

From the Exec. Director – Dec 2013

Generosity is such a beautiful gift from God. As a result of the gift of giving – specifically to the NACR – we have some opportunities coming to fruition that I cannot wait for you to discover. Sometimes my husband and I send ten or twenty, fifty or a hundred bucks to an organization like […]