bridges_to_grace2 In Bridges to Grace: Innovative Approaches to Recovery Ministry Teresa McBean and Liz Swanson examine a variety of ways in which local churches are responding to the need for recovery ministry.

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surrender_cover Stories, poems and thoughts about the spiritual practice of surrender from people who have done some of it. This is a companion book to the video available here

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nmric In No More Running in Circles Kim Engelmann and Teresa McBean share how they learned “to tell the truth, experience transformation, and heal from the inevitable wounds that come from living on planet earth.” The result is rich with both personal and professional insights informed both by the best of Christian spiritual formation and the the practical wisdom of twelve step traditions. If you are tired of ‘running in circles’, this is the book for you

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nmric_guideThis companion study guide with leader’s notes for No More Running in Circles by Kim Engelmann and Teresa McBean focusses on the spiritual practices which are part of Twelve Step process.

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transformationalTransformational Steps for Ordinary People is a thoughtful and practical exploration of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous by a seasoned pastor of a recovery community and someone who has experienced a personal transformation as a result of working the steps. If personal change is part of your current agenda, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired or if you just know there is more to life than business as usual then this book will be full of insightful, helpful, biblical guidance for the journey.

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